Clove Oil

With the official start of summer just weeks away many of us are getting more serious about our fitness goals (goodbye layers… hello bathing suit season!). Get yourself in tip-top shape for everything summer has to offer with these great fitness tips from Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain’s fitness and
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Get to know Vetiver Oil as an aromatherapy oil

Vetiver Oil As Aromatherapy Oil – Have you ever used vetiver oil ? This is one type of essential oil produced from vetiver. Fragrant roots are one of the bushes that can grow wild and have a very fragrant aroma. The plants included in the genus Vetivertia belong to the type Vetiveria zizanoides. The
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Sandalwood Oil fragrance is full of benefits from Indonesia

Sandalwood Oil fragrance – Sandalwood oil is one of the most affected aromatherapy oils in the world. This is one of the typical Indonesian essential oils obtained from sandalwood trees. Sandalwood trees can grow very well in all low-temperature areas such as highlands. This tree is also very good at growing in rocky
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The Healthiest benefits of clove oil

The healthiest benefits of clove oil –  Cloves become one of the types of plants that can grow well in Indonesia. Clove is not native to Indonesia, because this plant is brought from China then spread in various regions in Indonesia. Clove trees can grow to reach a height
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