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Get to know Vetiver Oil as an aromatherapy oil

Vetiver Oil As Aromatherapy Oil – Have you ever used vetiver oil ? This is one type of essential oil produced from vetiver. Fragrant roots are one of the bushes that can grow wild and have a very fragrant aroma. The plants included in the genus Vetivertia belong to the type Vetiveria zizanoides. The size of a plant that looks like this grass can grow to 1.5 meters. All parts of the grass consist of stems and have leaves that are thin, stiff, very erect and b shaped elongated. Each part of the stem can emit beautiful purple flowers. This plant can grow in tropical weather like Indonesia. The development of this plant is very fast, when the seeds break in the soil the roots will separate and grow into new plants.

Essential oil from vetiver

To produce essential oils that have a very fragrant and distinctive aroma, all the dried parts that have been dried are processed by steam distillation. The steam produced can become denser or leave deposits, then this part is diluted to get a part of the oil which has a chemical composition. Some of the compounds produced are very complex, such as: Vetiverols, carbonyl compounds, esters, khusimol, beta-vetispirene, vetiselinenol and alpha-vetivone.

Benefits of vetiver oil

  1. This essential oil is most often used as the main ingredient for making perfume, an ingredient for room fragrances, clothing, soap, skin care products and oils to strengthen the aroma.
  2. This oil contains aromatic compounds that can make the mind more relaxed, comfortable and very important to calm nerves and improve the circulatory work system.
  3. This oil can be used as a mental therapy material to help the mind become more comfortable, eliminate feelings of anger, and reduce bad habits due to anxiety or anxiety.
  4. This oil can also help overcome problems with anxiety and sleep disorders such as insomnia.
  5. Now vetiver oil has been used to overcome various behavioral disorders for people with ADHD because it is important to control panic or anxiety.
  6. Vetiver oil can be mixed with lavender oil to help massage the body and body parts that are sick. This ingredient is very important for dealing with a tired body and mild muscle injury.

Safety and side effects of Vetiver oil

Vetiver oil is a type of oil that does not cause irritation, does not contain toxins and is very safe. But oil should not be used for pregnant women, children and nursing mothers. Dilution of oil with other types of oil is considered safer to reduce the concentration of essential oils that are too strong. Until now, the side effects of vetiver oil have not been known for sure, but it should indeed not be used for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Vetiver oil is a type of Indonesian perfume. You can get high-quality vetiver oil with the production of guaranteed safety standards only from CV. Xoso. This company has produced natural and very pure essential oils and can guarantee quality until the product reaches you.

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Sandalwood Oil fragrance is full of benefits from Indonesia

Sandalwood Oil fragrance – Sandalwood oil is one of the most affected aromatherapy oils in the world. This is one of the typical Indonesian essential oils obtained from sandalwood trees. Sandalwood trees can grow very well in all low-temperature areas such as highlands. This tree is also very good at growing in rocky regions and contains many natural water sources. Sandalwood is one of the large families of Santalaceae which can grow to about 15 meters tall. Each stem is straight with a circle reaching 30 cm. All parts of the stem will be covered by brown skin or reddish agat. All parts of the branches and twigs are irregular and have an oval-shaped part of the leaf and a pointed tip of the leaf.

Essential oil from sandalwood trees

Sandalwood oil is produced from distillation or distillation from parts of sandalwood trees that are over 40 years old. The process of extracting essential oils is mostly produced from the type of white sandalwood which does have a fragrant aroma and is very strong. Several types of essential oils obtained from sandalwood trees contain chemical compounds such as beta-santalol, alpha-santalol, santyl acetate, santalene and also santalol. Sandalwood oil also contains a very high amount of special aroma compounds which causes the stem to have a very fragrant aroma.

Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

  1. Sandalwood oil can be used as a natural aroma material for a room that can make everyone who breathes the air very relaxed. This oil often becomes aromatherapy for the yoga process and beauty care.
  2. This oil can also be used to carry out body treatments including treating acne, overcoming eczema, allergies, and helping the skin to become more moist.
  3. This oil is very good for helping to overcome respiratory problems such as when coughing and runny nose. You can try using natural aromatherapy when your nose is blocked.
  4. This oil is also very good for dealing with wounds, infections and removing scars such as for the treatment of boils, zits and skin diseases.
  5. This oil can also help overcome all types of inflammatory disorders such as joint pain, discomfort due to falling marks, or insect bites.
  6. This oil can also help to deal with minor muscle problems, pain due to toothache, and has a soothing nature.
  7. This Oil can function as a natural ingredient to remove body odor, irritate the skin, and make skin smoother.

Sandalwood oil can be used in conjunction with other types of oils such as lavender oil, cananga oil, vetiver oil and other types of essential oils. This oil is very safe to use but for people who have an allergy to aroma should not use it in large quantities. One of the best sandalwood oils can only be obtained from CV. Xoso, which already produces various types of essential oils both at home and abroad.

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The Healthiest benefits of clove oil

The healthiest benefits of clove oil –  Cloves become one of the types of plants that can grow well in Indonesia. Clove is not native to Indonesia, because this plant is brought from China then spread in various regions in Indonesia. Clove trees can grow to reach a height of about 7 to 12 meters. Clove leaf-shaped width, so large with flowers in various branches of stems. Small flower buds then turn slightly larger and green. Then when the flower buds are brown then the flowers can be taken.

Nutrition and essential oils in cloves

Part of cloves that can be utilized is part of the dried flowers. Flowers that have been dried can be ground into a softer so that it can be used for cooking in powder form. The beneficial nutritional content of cloves such as magnesium, manganese, potassium and calcium. Then the compounds produced from the clove flower distillation process also contain nutritious ingredients. Some of the chemical compounds found in clove essential oils such as eugenol, crategolic acid, bicornin, tannin, beta-caryophyllene, vanillin, methyl salicylate, gallotannic acid, rhamnetin, kaempferol, eugenitin, triterpenoid, campesterol and oleanolic acid

The healthiest benefits of clove oil

  1. Clove oil can help overcome pain, excessive pain and has excellent analgesic properties.
  2. This oil can help relieve temporary pain such as for toothache, abdominal pain and joint pain.
  3. This oil can also help clean the wound and kill bacteria and bacteria on the wound.
  4. This oil has been proven to help kill more than 50 types of bacteria for the outside and inside the body.
  5. This oil is also efficacious to kill the virus and overcome some types of viral infections such as in asthma, cough and colds.
  6. The strong aroma of clove oil is also useful to help keep mosquitoes and insects away. You can use as an aromatherapy material used with a difusser tool.
  7. This oil can overcome all kinds of nerve-related inflammatory complaints.
  8. This oil contains excellent antioxidant ingredients to help fight free radicals in the body.
  9. This oil can help relieve stomach pain, flatulence and also overcome excessive stomach gas.

Side effects of clove oil

This oil contains eugenol with a very strong concentration, because it can cause side effects such as:

  • Abdominal pain if swallowed in children aged less than 3 years.
  • May cause excessive reactions in pregnant women such as uterine contractions that trigger a miscarriage.
  • If exposed to the skin directly in large quantities can cause irritation, burn effects and also heat on the skin.
  • If swallowed for ulcer patients and digestive system disorders then it can cause injuries to the intestine and stomach.

CV.Xoso produces pure clove oil that already has a special standard in production. You can get the clove oil that is produced by distillation process from the best cloves throughout Indonesia. Get the best clove oil from CV.Xoso which has become a manufacturer and supplier for more than 10 kinds of essential oil.

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